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Seiyefa Digital Concept (SDC) has strategic relationships with major satellite operators, communications equipment manufacturers and telecommunications providers ensure state-of-the-art network solutions and services for a wide variety of applications.

SDC Nigeria is numero uno. Providing iDirect, Hughes and other propitiatory Technologies, VOIP over satellite, standard IP delivery via satellite and full link speed VPN over satellite. SDC has become one of the fastest growing iDirect and Hughes hub operators in the Africa. This experience along with SDC 's affiliations are key to the SDC mission of technical elegance, competitive pricing and unprecedented quality that assures the absolute highest level of performance.

Mission Statement

To build "Tomorrow's Technology, Today".

An approach that firmly places technological edge, scalability & growth, reliability, availability, performance and security as the foundations of every solution or service that we provide.

Company Vision

To build "Tomorrow's Technology, Today".

At SDC, we believe it can always get better, we believe we can always do better. Hence, using the technology today with the intense drive to make it better, we deliver "Tomorrow's Technology, Today".

We are proud to introduce our new ip leasing service, contact us for easy and stress free ipv4 lease...
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SDC has lunched her latest Satellite service... The ZipFast service.
Small, Compact, and robu...
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