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Maritime Communications
the use of traditional pay-by-the-minute satellite solutions have become too costly, and may not provide the advanced features available with VoIP via satellite. The high fees associated with these solutions also limit companies' abilities to utilize their corporate IT infrastructure effectively. Broadband At-Sea IP-based VSAT services enable unlimited voice and fax, corporate networking, always-on Internet connectivity and data streaming applications for a fixed price.

Voice, fax, weather, high speed data, video, Internet... SDC's iMariSat stabilization systems provide the most reliable satellite communications. From C-Band to Ku-Band, you'll see the difference in stable signal levels, fewer acquisition losses and lower bit-error rates, even in storm conditions.

Our qualified staff and extensive dealer network located at ports around the world have many years of experience in management and service of maritime communication traffic. We are also continually developing and increasing our levels of efficiency and service in order to meet the demands of our ever expanding international client base. Our existing infrastructure and accumulated experience allows us to serve you in an extremely timely manner.


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