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Network Management
Seiyefa Digital Concept utilizes iDirect Technologies iMonitor NMS. This easy-to-use central management command and control system provides Real-Time visibility with Historical Data Retrieval and SNMP compatibility. An extensive array of real-time statistics is available immediately, and all real-time data is available from the historical archive.
*Warning signal a potential anomaly condition
*Remote alarms indicate level 2 or level 3 link failure
*Warnings and alarms generated for protocol Processors, Hub Chassis, Hub Line Cards, Remote Modems
*Warning limits configurable per-remote
*All alarms and warnings are self-clearing
*Sort-able bandwidth usage at-a-glance
*Detailed IP Statistics
*In-route slot allocation
*SATCOM link characteristics
*UCP data, remote status, latency measurements
*Copy/paste tab-delineated into Excel for offline analysis
*Control Panel shows configuration, QOS, SATCOM, IP Stats, events, conditions, latency for any individual remote

The SDC Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a 24/7/365 monitoring, and is capable of responding within minutes to server failures, attacks or Internet backbone problems. As a result, the adverse effects of distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other attacks are minimized. The Network Operations Center uses industry-standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and provides round-the-clock monitoring of all hardware, including routers, switches, UPS systems, and servers. The Network Operations Center also monitors power, environmental factors (such as temperature and humidity), generator status, and network connectivity. All critical services/ports can be monitored, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, SSH, and POP3. We provide network monitoring of the Local Area Network, Internet connectivity (all routers, switches, and wiring), and the Internet backbone via MRTG. Our close and constant communication with our upstream backbone providers ensures that our customers have constant access to high-performance Internet connections. Failure on any monitoring service results in audible alarms, LAN messages, and alerting our staff paging system. SDC offers remote cold boot hardware for dedicated server and co-location clients, with private, password protected, web based access. Remote KVM access is also an available option.

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